Our Final Celebration

Join Us at The Urban Weaver Project at the corner of Heatley and Keefer Street in the Maclean Park Fieldhouse.

September 6th, from 6pm-8pm

– Refreshments served
– Outdoor screening of video documentation
– Works on display

help celebrate the works made and the community of weavers we have forged.

RSVP: urbanweaverproject @ gmail.com


March Break Weaving Fun

Recommended Reading

A number of books have been recommended to The Urban Weaver Project, both by the organizers and participants. Below is a list of books that are currently referenced at The Urban Weaver Project. If you know of a book that would benefit the group, feel free to bring it along with you next time you visit, we’d love to check it out!

Women’s Work: The First 20,000 years

Women’s Work: The First 20,000 years by Elizabeth Wayland Barber

How to make Raffia Hats Bags and Baskets

How to make Raffia Hats Bags and Baskets, by Liz Doyle

Wheat Weaving and Straw Craft

The Book of Wheat Weaving and Straw Craft: From Simple Plaits to Exquisite Designs

The Basket Book

The Basket Book: Over 30 Magnificent Baskets to Make and Enjoy by Lyn Siler

Techniques of basketry

The Techniques of basketry by Virginia I. Harvey

Earth Basketry

Earth Basketry by Osma G. Tod


Macrame by Alyson Smith Gonsalves

Pine Needle Basketry

Pine Needle Basketry by Judy Mofield Mallow

Urban Weaver Project Facebook Group created

We have been getting such a great response to our Thursday evening weaving classes, that participant weavers have asked for a way to keep informed of future events and dates etc, and so we’ve decided to create a facebook group for the Urban Weaver Project.

The Urban Weaver Project

Not too many pictures will be posted on the Facebook group page, and more will show up on this website and flickr.

Check the events page for future weaving dates and harvest times here and on Facebook.

The Urban Weaver Project

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation is pleased to announce a new environmental art project in MacLean Park Fieldhouse presented in partnership with the Stanley Park Ecology Society, The Urban Weaver supports artists from diverse traditions working with ecologists exploring the creative repurposing of green waste. 

Listen to CBC Podcast North by Northwest with Amanda and her visit to the Urban Weaver project. CBC North by Northwest Podcast

The Urban Weaver:

Todd Devries  (Haida), Sharon Kallis (Welsh) and Debra Sparrow (Musqueam) are local artist-weavers collaborating with the Stanley Park Ecology Society and the Vancouver Park Board in an exploration of how invasive plants in the city can be used as urban substitutes for traditional weaving materials. English ivy, Himalayan blackberry, and yellow flag iris hold great potential as contemporary alternatives,  replacing materials such as cedar bark and cattails that cannot be sustainably harvested in urban centres. The artists will be working out of the MacLean Park Fieldhouse, near the Strathcona Community Centre, and there will be open studio times and free community workshops scheduled for next spring and summer. Community members can also get involved in harvesting and preparation of the invasive materials for personal creative use. This exciting project is just getting started so please stop by MacLean Park and meet the artists.

This project aligns with Park Board’s Strategic Priorities regarding ‘Greening’, ‘Engaging People’ and ‘Resource Management’ and responds to recent motions in support of the creative management and repurposing of both green waste and surplus spaces.