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The Urban Weaver Project is located at Keefer St. and 710 Heatley Ave. in Maclean Park, Vancouver, BC Canada

Join the Facebook group and share your experiences with others. 

and you can reach us by email at: urbanweaverproject @


15 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi just heard your interview on CBC Saturday morning radio. Enjoyed it very much .
    Love the idea that you are using invasive species to weave with. I am president of the Mid Island Weavers Guild and would love to have you come and visit us to talk about your techniques and to show your work.

  2. Jan 14th, 2012 08:45
    I was just listening to the CBC and would be interested in attending the Thusrday classes.
    I am working on the 19th but would really, really like to attend the class on the 26th of Jan.
    Is this possible

  3. Great project…… thought you may have some participants who may find this interesting enough to try their hand at making skeps!!
    I will come and visit next time I am in Vancouver.

    All the Best,
    James Macdonald
    Armstrong Apiaries

    • beeskep attempt #1
      James, what a gem you send us, I love it! This covers two years of learning curves and then some…. I first discovered the potential of using blackberry from a book on traditional Irish handcrafts, and a skepmaker was using blackberry as his binding…. there was next to no info on his process and I spent days and days figuring it out-image attached is my first attmept- that took hours! do keep in touch and let us know when you are coming to Vancouver! Sharon

  4. I’m glad you like the idea Sharon! It would bee great to make some of these skeps and then put some bees into them!!!! I am sending you the link to another video which demonstrates the addition of a “super” for the honey chamber. I like this design better as it is easier to harvest the honey when it is separated from the brood. I will try and find the time to make one before my next trip to Vancouver (mid April). Let me know how the project is going over the next couple of months.

    All the Best,


    Armstrong Apiaries
    James Macdonald
    Armstrong, B.C.

    • Hi James and Sharon:

      This is so timely as I am hoping to get some hives set up this year considered adding a skep into the colony. We should also talk about bringing the urban weaver project out to the Terra Nova Rural Park in Richmond.

  5. Hello Ian,

    Glad you are interested … if you need any contacts for bees on the coast, let me know – I have some great contacts!

  6. Hello Ian,

    Great! I would go easy on the dung though!!!! If the skep is kept in a covered area then the outer coating is not really necessary. In Africa they use a mud/dung mixture as it tends to hold together better and turns into a “cement”. I wonder what materials you have used and what are the dimensions??


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